How to earn an EXTRA $100,000…By not going to College?

Lets talk about how you can earn an extra $100,000…by not going to college? Watch until the end for some out-takes and bloopers – enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan

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Back to the video: Here are the numbers, and this is the math behind my calculations. There will always be extremes on either side, high school graduates making millions and college graduates working minimum wage…so I picked the average for everything:

Average college degree:
Average cost of a 4-year education: $56,840
Average amount of student debt – $37,172
Average interest rate – 4.8%
Average income – $50,556
Average lifetime earning potential – $2,268,000

Average high school degree:
Average high school Income: $35,256 pre tax
Average lifetime earning potential: $1,304,000

This appears to be a difference of $964,000 earned over a lifetime between a high school and college graduate.

With our average college graduate, they begin working at 22 years old earning $50,556. After taxes, that’ll be more like $42,000 per year. If they pay down their loan by $10,000 per year, by the age of 26, the loans are paid off entirely. Now after this, lets assume that now at the age of 27, the college graduate invests 25% of their net salary and invests it at an 8% return. We’ll average this at $15,000 per year overall – we can assume salaries will go up over time and investing remaining consistent. That’ll leave $3,569,118.32 in net worth by the age of 65 years old.

But with the High School Graduate: They’re making just over $35,000 per year but no debt. Plus they can start working and investing immediately. Lets assume after taxes, they’re left with $30,000 per year and they invest the same 25% of their income, or $7500 per year. And lets assume this remains consistent over the course of their entire career. Even though they’re making an investing less, they have an extra 4 years of work and saving over the college graduate, while also having zero debt. Even though they’re earning and investing less, by the age of 65, they’re left with $3,668,491.23.

That just happens to be $99,373 dollars MORE than the college graduate at the age of retirement.

Lets then say the college graduate pays for college outright without any debt, and begins investing $15,000 per year from the age of 23 vs 27, so that’s an extra 4 years. Do that until the age of 65, you’ll now have $4,928,745.08. Just incurring debt early on, and postponing investing just a few years made a difference of nearly $1.3 MILLION dollars over the course of the career. That’s huge.

Then lets also say that the high school graduate just invests the cost of a college degree at 18…actually, we’ll go even further to say he just invests the average college debt of $37,172 at the age of 18, then just invests $7500 per year after that by investing 25% of their income. By 65, that person will have 5,052,479.59….that’s a $123,734 difference in net worth at the age of retirement of 65 between a high school graduate and college graduate.

That’s an extra $123,000…just by not going to college?

Now of course, I’m making this video more so for entertainment purposes to run the numbers behind the real cost a college degree, and also to show that purely from a financial perspective, college doesn’t always make sense. In terms of wealth, it really boils down to is two things: 1. How long you invest your money for 2. How much of that you invest. It’s that simple.

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